Tears for Fears Share New Song “No Small Thing”: Stream

From the upcoming album The Tipping Point

tears for fears new song no small thing stream
Tears for Fears, photo by Frank Ockenfels

    Back in October, Tears for Fears announced The Tipping Point, their first new album in 17 years, and now they’re back with a new look at the album. Listen to “No Small Thing” below.

    “No Small Thing” departs from the synthpop sound Tears for Fears are known for with a folksy acoustic guitar stomp. In a press release for the single, Roland Orzabal described writing the song as the moment the record really began to take shape — when the band stopped trying to write a modern hit and instead wrote from the heart.

    “In early 2020, Curt and I sat down together with just a couple of acoustic guitars. The first time in decades. We needed a meeting of minds, a coming together psychically. We were literally going back to the drawing board looking for some depth, heart and soul with which to complete our album,” Orzabal said. “Curt came up with this simple folk/country riff, a little bit Dylan, a little bit Johnny Cash, and then we were off. It was the complete opposite of what we had been trying to do for many years — searching for the elusive, modern hit single. We felt suddenly unencumbered, free if you like, no longer worrying about the market, about success, but drawing on influences from our childhoods. It was at this point that the whole album started opening up. ‘No Small Thing’ was the key, the thing that turned a red light green.”


    “No Small Thing” comes with a music video by Vern Moen. Made entirely from preexisting footage, the black and white clip intersperses images of nature with shots of human life. As the song picks up speed, the clips progress from shots of happiness to images of protest. Check it out below.

    Tears for Fears announced The Tipping Point, out February 25th, by sharing its title track, which you can listen to here. They also recently announced a 2022 tour with Garbage — grab tickets to that via Ticketmaster.