The Consequence Podcast Network is making “positive vibes” our New Year’s resolution by bringing on board two new series: The Rome and Duddy Show and Feelin Good with Duddy.

Coming from longtime friends and collaborators Rome Ramírez of Sublime with Rome and Dirty Heads’ Dustin “Duddy” Bushnell, the two podcasts will officially join CPN in early January 2022. Both shows have a mantra of, “If it makes you feel good, we’re into it.” Whether it’s life on the road, celebrating others’ talent, the latest piece of funny news, or just the simplest of pleasures, The Rome and Duddy Show and Feelin Good with Duddy are all about getting together with friends and having a good time.

Arriving Wednesday, January 5th, Feelin Good with Duddy sees Duddy and his brother, Jake Bushnell, co-hosting a podcast filled with positivity and laughs. Covering a range of topics and featuring relatable stories from the brothers’ lives, the show also frequently welcomes guests like Sum 41’s Frank Zummo, members of the Long Beach Dub Allstars, Cali Roots co-owner Dan Sheehan, and UFC fighter Ashlee “Rebel Girl” Evans-Smith. Subscribe here.

Then on Friday, January 7th, we’ll launch The Rome and Duddy Show from hosts Rome and Duddy (natch). The musical partners only just started collaborating on the podcast, with the simple goal of “using our platform to make everybody laugh and have a good time.” That began with The Great American Talent Show, which saw fans from across the country submit video or audio of their talent for a chance to be featured on the podcast and receive the glory of an Applebee’s gift certificate. While the talent show will surely return for another season, The Rome and Duddy Show will continue to bring the good vibes with each new episode. Subscribe here.


To celebrate the launch of these two new series, Consequence Shop will be offering a special limited edition small batch collection of CBD. This artisan, organic hemp will come in a custom designed bottle and is limited to just 125 units, so stay tuned for more information on how to snag yours.

Make sure you’re following the Consequence Podcast Network for more info on these and all our shows, and keep an eye on the Feelin Good with Duddy and Rome and Duddy social media accounts for updates as these series become part of the CPN.