Anderson .Paak’s breakout came on Dr. Dre’s 2015 album Compton, so he’s no stranger to collaborating with OGs from the street. He’ll make a special appearance on the January 13th episode of Sesame Streetand as a preview, HBO Max has shared his performance of “H Is for Holiday,” a celebratory banger featuring Elmo and Cookie Monster.

As .Paak defines holidays for the young monsters, he deploys his whole tool kit, singing in a smoky rasp, bouncing along on a drum kit, and even double-time rapping a long list of special events. As you might expect from a children’s show as committed to inclusivity as Sesame Street, just about every culture and occasion is represented. Check out “H Is for Holiday” below.

Last year, .Paak collaborated with Bruno Mars for the R&B blockbuster An Evening with Silk Sonicand so far in 2022 he’s reunited with Dr. Dre for new songs and an acting appearance in the latest Grand Theft Auto Online expansion. He’s just the latest music star to guest on Sesame Street, which has recently welcomed Kacey Musgraves and Billie Eilish. Last week, Elmo reignited his feud with a rock after an old clip of the beef went viral.