Content warning: Acts of sexual assault are detailed in this piece.

Former University of Nevada Las Vegas basketball player Dylan Gonzalez has accused Trey Songz of raping her.

Gonzalez first accused the R&B singer of sexual assault on December 30th, but didn’t provide any other information at the time. Now, she’s come forward with a more personal allegation against the singer.

“With what seems like endlessly recurring news of the alleged sexually assaults committed by Trey Songz, I am forced to repeatedly relive in my mind, and suffer anew, the long-supressed horror and unbearable PTSD of my rape by his very hands at a well known Las Vegas hotel,” Gonzalez tweeted on January 11th. “I want to send my love, strength, and hope to all who are victims of sexual assault and its fatal nature. You are not alone.” She has hired a lawyer, George Vrabeck, to field future inquiries about the claim.

According to The Daily Beast, the alleged rape took place around nine years ago at a Las Vegas hotel. Gonzalez’s allegation is separate from another sexual assault case involving Songz, born Tremaine Neverson, that Las Vegas Metropolitan Police are currently investigating. That case stems from an alleged sexual assault that took place at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, where Songz was celebrating his 37th birthday.


Gonzalez is the second woman to publicly accuse Songz of assault. Last month, Jauhara Jeffries refiled a civil suit against the singer, claiming he assaulted her at the E11even night club in Miami on New Year’s Day in 2018. Jeffries had previously sued Songz under a Jane Doe pseudonym and reached a $10 million settlement, but recently decided to come forward with her real name. “She doesn’t want to hide behind the Jane Doe, she doesn’t want to be ashamed of what happened to her,” Jeffries’ attorney, Ariel Mitchell, told The Daily Beast. 

Mitchell’s words echo that of Gonzalez, who encouraged victims of sexual assault to come forward in her own statement. “Suppression of our voices only emboldens our oppressors, and you cannot heal what you do not reveal,” Gonzalez said. Read her full statement below.

Songz has had his fair share of legal trouble over the years. Last year, a woman accused him of hitting her car and her hand in a hit-and-run, and before that, he was arrested for getting in an altercation with a police officer at a Kansas City Chief’s game, though no charges were filed. Back in 2019, Songz was sued for battering a bartender at a Cardi B concert.