It feels like every TV show of the past these days is just one press release away from a revival or reunion; after all, just a few hours before the writing of this post, FX announced that Justified would be returning for a new limited series. So, what about reviving another beloved 2010s cable favorite for a reunion — one lacking Timothy Olyphant in a cowboy hat, but featuring Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, two of the funniest women to ever grace our television screens?

It sounds like Broad City fans may have a while longer to wait for a reunion, unfortunately. The literal issue being “time.” During a press day for the upcoming Apple TV+ series The Afterparty, Consequence asked Glazer about the potential for a Broad City reunion — specifically, what would it take?

“Just tons and tons of money. And I’m talking liquid, I want cash in suitcases,” was Glazer’s first, and clearly joking, answer. But then, she offered up a more genuine response.


“I think enough time has to go by for Abby and I to be satiated outside of Broad City, because that journey was ten years long and so defining for us,” she said. “I started that project when I was 22 and I still look 22, so I just want to give it enough time where if there’s a reunion, it really feels like a reunion. It’s just hard to tell right now.”

Broad City was a journey, as Glazer mentioned, that began as a web series in 2009, before eventually being developed into the cable comedy that debuted on Comedy Central in 2014. The series lasted five seasons before Jacobson and Glazer decided to bring it to a close in 2019.

Right now, though, Broad City fans can look forward to Glazer’s role in The Afterparty, debuting January 28th on Apple TV+. Jacobson’s next big project on the horizon is the Amazon Prime Video series adaptation of A League of Their Own, which she stars in and co-wrote with Will Graham.