Bronx native Cardi B has pledged to cover funeral costs for the 17 victims of a deadly fire that ripped through a Bronx apartment building earlier this month.

“I’m extremely proud to be from the Bronx and I have lots of family and friends who live and work there still,” the rapper told CNN. “So, when I heard about the fire and all of the victims, I knew I needed to do something to help. I cannot begin to imagine the pain and anguish that the families of the victims are experiencing, but I hope that not having to worry about the costs associated with burying their loved ones will help as they move forward and heal. I send my prayers and condolences to everyone affected by this horrific tragedy.”

A space heater caused the blaze on Sunday, January 9th, though all 17 victims — eight of whom were children — died of smoke inhalation. The smoke was able to spread because the door of that apartment and the stairwell door were left open, even though they were supposed to close automatically. An investigation is ongoing.

According to Cardi B’s representative, she’s partnered with the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City to guarantee that her donation would reach all of the victims’ families, in order to ensure “that the final wishes for their loved ones were met.”


Last November, Cardi B contributed the track “Bet It” to Netflix’s MMA drama Bruised.