How to revive a once-canceled show is a question many producers answer differently, with some series going full reboot with a whole new cast of characters and some choosing to just continue the stories that were previously being told. In the case of cult classic series Clone High, it sounds like creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s approach is very literally a continuation: In Lord’s words, the show’s upcoming return to HBO Max is “really Season 2 of the series.”

The upcoming Apple TV+ series The Afterparty, created by Miller, is first and foremost a mystery/comedy series, but it incorporates a number of other genres, including animation. That’s how Lord and Miller ended up explaining to Consequence how they’re approaching the upcoming revival of their first TV creation.

During a recent press day to discuss The Afterparty, Miller and Lord revealed that the animated sequences for that series were produced by ShadowMachine, whose other projects have included Robot Chicken, BoJack Horseman, Final Space, and a whole lot more.


ShadowMachine will also be handling the animation for the Clone High revival, which Lord says will directly continue on the original MTV series: “It’s really Season 2 of the series, so we did our best to remember how we did it twenty years ago, but hopefully with some more slightly sophisticated tools and certainly a little bit even more ambition.”

Clone High, created by Lord, Miller, and Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence, was produced at the height of the WB teen drama craze in 2002 and aired for one season on MTV. Over the years, it’s accumulated a fevered fan base thanks to its irreverent premise and hilarious skewering of the aforementioned teen drama craze, as the adolescent clones of Abe Lincoln (Will Forte), Joan of Arc (Nicole Sullivan), John F. Kennedy (Miller), Gandhi (Michael McDonald), Cleopatra (Christa Miller) and more cope with the indignities of adolescence.

The revival is only one of many projects Lord and Miller are currently juggling, but it’s one they’re excited about. “It’s been a lot of fun to get back in the recording booth and to live with these characters and to think about what kind of stories we can tell and how high school has changed a lot since this was made,” Miller says. “There’s a lot of fun room for these stories.”


HBO Max ordered two seasons of the revival last year, which is expected to launch in 2022. The original series (or, shall we say, the first season) is now streaming on Paramount+.