David Draiman has returned to Twitter after exiting the social media platform in 2015. The Disturbed singer explained that he “was tired of watching from the sidelines for the last number of years.”

    Prior to forgoing Twitter nearly seven years ago, Draiman was one of rock music’s most active participants on the platform. The metal frontman would constantly offer his opinions on sociopolitical topics, always in his trademark all caps text. Now he’s back, minus the all caps, and he has been pretty relentless since activating a new account on December 31st.

    Of his decision to return, Draiman remarked, “Came back to @Twitter because I was tired of watching from the sidelines for the last number of years. Yes, the world of social media is still a relative cess pool, but I figured maybe it was time to jump back in, only this time, with a hazmat suit on… lol. Too many rageaholic keyboard warriors out there using what should be, and can be, a medium that brings us together, to only make us feel more divided. Not me. Just truth, no bullshit, no troll wars. I will do my damnedest to be a light in the darkness here.”


    Picking right up where he left off, Draiman is back with a vengeance, tweeting or retweeting dozens of times since his New Year’s Eve return. Among his many new tweets is an update on new Disturbed music: “BTW… Have I mentioned just how amazing the new @Disturbed material is?? Coming at you sometime this year. Promise”