For the uber-famous, privacy comes at a cost. Just ask Ed Sheeran, who’s waiting for approval from the county government to build a crypt beneath the floor of a chapel on his massive estate in Suffolk, England, according to the Guardian.

Back in 2019, Sheeran was approved for building a chapel on the $5 million property, with the intent for it to serve as a “private place of retreat for contemplation and prayer.” This chapel will come complete with flint-lined walls, a spiral-staircase tower, a lead roof, and stained-glass windows.

Last month, the singer filed a new application seeking permission to add a full-on crypt to that chapel. The below-ground chamber would measure about six by nine feet. East Suffolk council is still coming to a decision on the application.


Sheeran’s estate — which some have cheekily nicknamed “Sheeranville” — has caused some controversy in the past. Located near his hometown, the estate has been the source of some disputes with neighbors; It’s also home to a pub, gym, and wildlife pond, though a neighbor once said the pond in question was actually just a swimming pool.

Naturally, Sheeranville has also been a bit of a tourist attraction, attracting visitors from the US, Europe, and beyond — which might be a little concerning, considering Sheeran does live there with his wife and baby daughter. Maybe a crypt is a good idea, after all.

Sheeran shared his most recent studio album, Equals, last October, his first release since his unfortunately short hiatus.