“The world waited for what felt like forever,” a voiceover intones in the new, final trailer for Jackass Forever. “Then, we waited longer. The wait is over.”

Exploding into theaters on February 4th after a run of COVID-related delays, the latest installment in Johnny Knoxville’s not-quite-venerable stunt prank franchise promises what one cast member calls “the gnarliest shit ever.” Bodies fly through the air, a portable toilet blows up, Eric Andre stops by to take an airbag to the face, and viewers are treated to a glimpse of the treadmill stunt that landed Knoxville and Steve-O in the hospital.

In one memorable moment, a snake handler introduces a Texas rat snake. “Are they venomous?” Knoxville asks. The man shrugs and says, “Eh.” Soon, that same snake is biting a mime on the face. Hopefully the swelling has gone down by the red carpet premiere, and in the meantime, you can check out the trailer below.

Last year, the stars of Jackass participated in a Shark Week stunt which ended with Poopies McInerney getting bitten trying to literally jump the shark. You can understand how the cast has racked up medical bills totaling over $24 million during their run with the franchise. Revisit Jackass‘ 10 most memorable stunts now.