Come again? Joey Bada$$ said he prefers not to ejaculate during sex in order to “preserve my lifeforce.”

In an interview on the Lip Service podcast, the Brooklyn MC explained, “I’d rather not bust a nut… period.” He added, “Because I would rather preserve my lifeforce. When a man ejaculates, there’s a lot of things that leave your body. There’s blood cells, there’s testosterone, energy, you know, you get depleted. They say it’s like an equivalent to running 20 miles when you bust a nut.” If that were true, some of us would be in much better shape.

It should be noted, Joey Bada$$ does have a daughter, so he would seem to be mechanically capable, unless she resulted from some sort of immaculate ejection.

According to the rapper, this load of information has been a long time coming. “I’ve been doing this for like two years, I just hold it,” he said. “Once you don’t release that big ejaculation, you come a lot of times. You have like, multiple orgasms.” Check out just the tip of the conversation below.

Earlier this month, Joey Bada$$ shared the single “The Rev3nge,” from his upcoming, yet-to-be titled new album. Last year he dropped the loosie “Let it Breathe.”