Kate McKinnon is a comedian and Laura Ingraham sometimes plays one on TV, which is how Fox News viewers were exposed to the cringey spectacle of the host of The Ingraham Hour slurring her way through an imitation of McKinnon’s Ingraham imitation.

The saga began when McKinnon roasted Ingraham during the cold open of Saturday Night Live’s January 22nd episode, mocking her head-bobbing habits, declining roster of sponsors, and deceitful video editing. It wasn’t an entirely faithful imitation, perhaps because McKinnon was trying to win a couple of laughs, not an Oscar. SNL leans towards satire through exaggeration.

Ingraham shot back on Monday with an impression of her own, though her version of McKinnon wasn’t faithful or exaggerated so much as drunk. She elongated vowels and wobbled back and forth in her chair, with all the acting prowess of a high school theater kid pretending to be in their cups. Her idea of satire was to call McKinnon “so even-handed with her political commentary,” before pivoting to a standard Ingraham Angle segment with a funny voice, complaining about Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and The Squad. It wasn’t particularly funny or incisive, but it sure did exist.


Check out Saturday Night Live‘s original sketch, as well as Ingraham’s response, below.

To see McKinnon hitting a more realistic note, revisit the new teaser trailer for JOE vs CAROLE, in which she plays Carole Baskin facing off against Joe Exotic. That series premiers on Peacock on March 3rd.