Even in this turbulent world, where seemingly every month brings a new crisis, at least one thing remains consistent: the Gallagher brothers’ sheer contempt for each other. On New Year’s Day, Noel Gallagher released a demo for a new song called “Trying to Find a World That’s Been and Gone: Part 1,” in which he sings longingly, “You give me the will to carry on/ In a place where I belong/ As we try to find a world that’s been and gone.”

In response, Liam tweeted directly to his brother by writing, “Miserable arse cheer up you billionaire.”

According to Noel, “Trying to Find a Word…” comes from his next album as Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, which “I finished writing/demoing… about 10 days ago.” It will mark the band’s fourth solo album to date and the follow-up to Who Built the Moon?

Liam also has his own new solo album on the way, but don’t expect any sort of review from Noel: “I don’t listen to the albums, because I can’t stand his voice,” Liam previously said of his estranged brother’s material.