Machine Gun Kelly owes Travis Barker a beer, a couple hundred bucks, and ideally, some new skin. Six months after the singer and his producer got the name of Kelly’s upcoming album, born with horns, in matching tattoos on their arms, Kelly has changed the title.

MGK made the switch in a social media video seated alongside an unwitting Barker. “OK, we’re friends no matter what, right?” he asked the legendary drummer. “Remember when we got the new album name tattooed on our arms?”

Barker keeled over in his chair, letting out a sound like air escaping from a balloon. “You changed –” he began, before Kelly slapped him on the back and confirmed his suspicion: “I’m changing the album name.”


The collection of songs is now titled MAINSTREAM SELLOUT and is expected later this year. For now, Barker and Kelly are left with a permanent reminder of what might have been. Let’s hope it’s the last time MGK changes his mind about something permanent, for Megan Fox’s sake if nothing else — his engagement ring to her comes with thorns so that “if she tries to take it off, it hurts.” Then again, that particular couple enjoys mixing pain with pleasure, and they even capped off their engagement by drinking each other’s blood.

Meanwhile, Kelly’s feud with Slipknokt vocalist Corey Taylor is continuing. The elder rock statesmen recently said that the rapper turned pop-punk singer doesn’t get to “fucking run [his] mouth about bands that have been doing this for 20 fucking years.” If you’d like, you can revisit a comprehensive timeline of their spat.