Jake Webb has announced his fourth album as Methyl Ethel, Are You Haunted?, out February 18th via Future Classic. He’s also shared the new single “Proof” as a preview.

To construct the nine-track LP, Webb returned to the studio where he conceived many of his first Methyl Ethel tracks back in 2014 and found inspiration in memories and ghosts of the past. “There are these spirits, memories of our old selves, our younger selves, parents, generations past whose deeds, actions, successes and failures shape us,” he said in a statement about the album’s themes. “We all have these ghosts that linger in our present predicaments.”

“Proof” follows the previous singles “Neon Cheap” and “Matters.” It features the first-ever guest vocalist on a Methyl Ethel song in Stella Donnelly, who used to play guitar for the act. “Stella is one of the most truth-telling artists I’ve ever heard. It made for a perfect match,” raved Webb about the collab, while Donnelly added, “Working on ‘Proof’ with Jake felt like being invited to the set of your favorite movie, such an insightful and wonderful experience.”

Check out Methyl Ethel’s video for “Proof” below, followed by the album’s complete tracklist and cover art. Pre-orders are ongoing.

Are You Haunted? serves as a follow-up to Methyl Ethel’s 2020 EP Hurts to Laugh, which was released just weeks before the pandemic started.

Are You Haunted? Artwork

methyl ethel are you haunted? new album artwork cover art tracklist

Are You Haunted? Tracklist
1. Ghosting
2. Proof
3. Something to Worry About
4. Neon Cheap
5. Kids on Holiday
6. One and Beat
7. Matters
8. Castigat Ridendo Mores
9. In a Minute, Sublime