Neil Young published an open letter to his management and label on Monday (January 24th) requesting his music to be removed from Spotify due to the platform’s heavy support of The Joe Rogan Experience, which has contributed greatly to COVID and vaccine misinformation. Spotify has since abided by Young’s request and pulled his music from their platform.

“I want you to let Spotify know immediately TODAY that I want all my music off their platform,” Young wrote in his letter. “They can have Rogan or Young. Not both.”

Fortunately, Spotify wasn’t the only place to stream Neil Young’s music. Here are all the ways you can continue to support the legendary folk rocker:

Where Can I Listen To Neil Young’s Music?

There’s always the classic CD or Vinyl route to listen to Neil Young’s many solo and collaborative records. To find a record store near your zip code, you can use this Record Store Locator.

To stream Neil Young, read below to find the platforms that are still hosting his music.

Neil Young Archives

Neil Young launched his archives to host not just his discography, but also some exclusive tracks, live recordings, and more. The website is subscription-only, but check around the extensive file cabinet to see just how many Neil Young songs you could be listening to.


Apple Music

Neil Young’s extensive catalogue is still streaming on Apple Music. In addition to Neil Young Essentials, Apple Music features archived interviews, performances, and much more.


Tidal features Neil Young’s full catalog as well, and they also have a sense of humor about all of this. In addition to his classic studio albums, Tidal features every Neil Young release up until 2021’s Barn. Tidal also allows you to transfer your music over to their platform, so if you’re leaving with Neil, they’ve got you covered.


In the wake of Spotify pulling Neil Young’s music, SiriusXM has resurrected Neil Young Radio, a satellite and streaming channel that features music and exclusive interviews and stories from Young himself.

Amazon Music

Amazon’s music streaming platform is still relatively new, but they feature every Neil Young LP to date. They also have an extensive collection of merchandise to purchase while you jam out to Harvest.


YouTube Music

Not only can you listen and watch Neil Young the classic YouTube way, you can also try out their streaming service, which offers every major Neil Young release to date, in addition to a myriad of classic videos.


You can stream Young’s top songs and albums, as well as curated artist radio stations on Pandora.