Home Improvement star Richard Karn has been working on himself. Just two days after he announced a new line of NFTs — that’s non-fungible tokens, the latest environment-killing crypto craze — he did an abrupt about-face, and declared that these tokens can get the fung out of here.

On January 2nd, the actor teased an “Exclusive NFT Drop” with crypto company Superfandom. Rather than the typical badly-drawn apes, these options included a phone call with Karn, a golf session with Karn, or even hiring him to be in your own movie.

Two days later, however, he backtracked, tweeting, “I’ve thought long and hard about NFT’s and I’ve decided it’s not something I need to do.” The original NFT announcement tweet has since been deleted. Karn didn’t explain why he suddenly backed out of the deal, but he did include a lovely photo of himself in the most recent post. Sometimes, perhaps, online bullying works.


Non-fungible tokens continue to be a controversial topic in the art world, as more and more stars either slam the trend as a scam or hop on the bandwagon themselves. Ozzy Osbourne? Pro. Brian Eno? Con. Snoop Dogg? Pro. Keanu Reeves? Con. If you’re still trying to figure out where you stand on the topic, check out our introductory guide to NFTs here. As for Karn, we’re still waiting on that Home Improvement reality show he and Tim Allen announced in 2020.