Yikes. Right Said Fred shared a link with their followers over the weekend that led to a livestream full of neo-Nazis, conspiracy theories, and anti-vaxx misinformation.

According to The Mirror, the “I’m Too Sexy” singers, who are noted anti-vaxxers in their native UK, posted the link on the cross-platform messaging app Telegram. While the duo didn’t include their own caption, the post brought their more than 5,600 followers to a webcast hosted by Mark Collett, leader of UK white nationalist group Patriotic Alternative.

The well-known neo-Nazi, who has openly praised Hitler and denied the Holocaust in the past, was joined in his discussion by white supremacist blogger Jason Köhne (also known to his readers as No White Guilt) and David Duke, former grand wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

Collett seemed to appreciate the boost from the pop band, writing, “I never thought Right Said Fred would ever share any of my content, but we live in interesting times!”

However, Right Said Fred seemed to realize fairly quickly that the move wasn’t a great look. While their Telegram bio reads, “Two musicians with opinions that don’t fit the mainstream news media narrative,” they’ve since claimed through a spokesperson that posting the link was an accident and deleted it. “The boys share information they feel isn’t covered by the mainstream media, this is a rare example where the band got it wrong,” their rep said in a statement.


It should be noted that the brothers, Fred and Richard Fairbrass, have protested against the UK’s COVID-19 lockdowns in London and regularly speak out against vaccination, despite the latter being hospitalized for four days in 2021.