Rivers Cuomo has sallied forth into the streaming wars. As Spotify sputters after its spat with Neil Young, losing $4 billion in market value in the last week, Cuomo is capitalizing to pitch a streaming app of his own, Weezify.

“Tired of Spotify?” he wrote on Twitter on Sunday, January 30th. “Come on over to Weezify.”

Available on Apple and through the Google Play store, the app is described as a “Spotify-like player for all of Rivers Cuomo’s demos (1975-2017). Close to 3500 demos. Follow curated playlists. Create playlists of your favorites.” Cuomo added, “I made this app myself. It took me all of 2021 to make. I hope you enjoy it.”

3,500 demos is quite a bit more than the 2,000 demos Cuomo began selling in 2020. That sale included recordings from 1975 to 2015, so either he was unbelievably busy from 2015-2017, or Weezify includes some older demos that have only recently come to his attention.


He’ll likely have even more demos to add to the store when 2022 is in the rearview mirror. Weezer have been preparing four albums influenced by the seasons, including a “Weezer-inspired Weezer album” that pays homage to their early sound. Last year, the group shared its 14th studio album, Van WeezerLater this year, the band will be headlining BeachLife Festival and Boston Calling, and tickets are available here.