Cue the violins and jam a juicy fishstick in your mouth: Ahead of the February 2nd premiere of South Park’s 25th season, the rudest boys in Colorado have created something majestic — a sweeping orchestral performance of the SP original, “Gay Fish.”

This iconic tune from Season 13, Episode 5 was sung by a character named Kanye West, who, after a full episode of not understanding a joke about fishsticks, had just discovered, to his great relief, that not only was he an aquatic vertebrate, but he was a homosexual one at that. The episode ended with him happily humping his way through the ocean.

This new rendition features a 30-piece orchestra — 29 real humans and Cartman, judging from the video. With classically crisp diction, the choir soars through the phrases, “Gay fish/ Motherfucking gay fish/ Gay fish/ Making love with other gay fish,” as strings swell and horns blast in triumph. At the end, Cartman appears with a french horn to blow a big, fat raspberry. Check out “Gay Fish” below.


While South Park still hasn’t shared any footage of Season 25, there’s been no shortage of animated content. Two films, South Park: Post Covid and South Part: Post Covid: The Return of Covid, premiered late last year, as the first taste of 14 movies in development. And Ye isn’t the only celebrity feeling South Park‘s sting; earlier this month, Ed Sheerhan said that the episode “Ginger Kids” “fucking ruined my life.”