It may seem hard to grasp the appeal of a video game format where your only task is to press a button over and over, but The Office went off the air nine years ago and it’s still dominating streaming numbers, so there’s a market for everything. East Side Games Group knows this, which is why they developed The Office: Somehow We Manage, a new idle game available for download on iOS and Android.

In the game, players collect characters from The Office and work to sell paper at a digital Dunder Mifflin. As is the case in all idle games, this “work” earns players in-game cash. It’s a pretty straightforward concept, but the characters in the game reference plotlines from the show, so you get your nostalgia fix in a new, interactive way. Talk about beating — or clicking — a dead horse.

The Office’s far-reaching popularity extends to the US Marshalls, who recently caught nine sex offenders in Operation Dunder Mifflin. Even The Office creator Greg Daniels still references the show; he recently admitted to retooling current project Space Force to be more like the hit series. And while it doesn’t sound much like a workplace comedy, John Krasinski, who played Jim, is reuniting with Steve Carell on his upcoming movie IF.