One of the most moronic personalities in TV news is teaming up with one of the most moronic personalities in music. Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson has announced that the next installment of his Tucker Carlson Originals series will spotlight the controversy-ridden rap-rocker, Kid Rock.

Carlson’s documentary crew is joining Kid Rock on his 2022 “Bad Reputation” Tour, which kicks off this March, vaccine mandates be damned. By the TV host’s twisted logic, Kid Rock’s homophobia, racism, anti-Semitism, and COVID-19 recklessness are all worthy of celebration.

“One thing you never see in the entertainment business is anybody thinking for himself,” Carlson whined during Tucker Carlson Tonight over the weekend. “So when one of them stands alone, we applaud.”


Carlson went on to praise Kid Rock’s recent conservative-stroking singles, like last November’s “Don’t Tell Me How to Live,” citing one of the abominable song’s only TV-friendly lyrics: “These minions and their agendas/ Every opinion has a millennial offended.”

Earlier this week, Kid Rock shared another new single called “We the People,” in which he bashes Dr. Fauci, dismisses the Black Lives Matter movement, and encourages naysayers to “suck on deez nuts.” Meanwhile, Carlson admitted that he kind of wants to fuck the green M&M.