After a triumphant 2021, Turnstile are kicking off 2022 with a “Tiny Desk” concert for NPR. The intimate 17-minute set features the Baltimore act showcasing seven songs from their critically acclaimed 2021 album, Glow On.

With the pandemic still going on, Turnstile’s “Tiny Desk” concert is a “home” edition, as opposed to the usual ones that take place in the offices of NPR. The band is still cramped into a small space at drummer Daniel Fang’s house, surrounded by an art installation of stuffed animals designed by John Scharbach.

The set kicks off with “Endless” and also features “Mystery,” which landed at No. 1 on Heavy Consequence’s list of the Top 30 Metal & Hard Rock Songs of 2021. While Turnstile’s shows are normally super high-energy, with bodies flying everywhere, the band offers a more subdued performance within the confined space, stripping down some of the songs with new arrangements.


Turnstile themselves were also named our Heavy Band of the Year, with singer Brendan Yates joining us via video Zoom to discuss Glow On and other topics. Regarding the band’s genre-defying approach, Yates told us, “I think we all, as people, are inspired by all kinds of different music… and try to never close off or limit where those inspirations come from. And they’re always shifting and changing, as well… It’s that openness to embrace what feels good when writing a song, and also that freedom to try things and try sounds that maybe are a little unfamiliar.”

Turnstile will kick off a North American headlining tour in late February, with tickets available via Ticketmaster. The outing will feature support from Ceremony, Citizen, Ekulu, Truth Cult, and Coco & Clair Clair.

Watch Turnstile’s “Tiny Desk ‘Home’ Concert” below, followed by our “Heavy Band of the Year” interview with Brendan Yates.