At the time of his 2018 trial, many people were surprised to learn that Bill Cosby was an alleged sexual predator who had been accused of drugging, raping, or sexually assaulting more than 60 women. But as director W. Kamau Bell points out in the new official trailer for We Need to Talk About Cosbythe disgraced comedian barely bothered to hide what he was doing. The four-part documentary series premieres January 30th on Showtime.

Bell dredges up footage of Cosby being interviewed on national television, joking about slipping someone a “Spanish Fly. The girl would drink it and — hello, America!” He also shows a now-infamous clip from the The Cosby Show, in which Cosby’s character Dr. Huxtable adds a drug into his barbecue sauce that makes people “get all huggy-buggy.”

One interview subject says, “Bill Cosby has been leaving breadcrumbs.” Another recalls a time he told her, “Fooled them again!” These disturbing anecdotes are held up against Cosby’s reputation as “America’s dad,” and the undeniable impact he had on American culture and Black representation in Hollywood.


Check out the trailer below. We Need to Talk About Cosby will be shown on January 22nd at Sundance before coming to Showtime on January 30th.

Since being released from prison due to a procedural technicality, Cosby briefly floated the idea of going on a comedy tour before changing his mind. He’s also come to the defense of R. Kelly, after previously trying to protect the honor of Harvey Weinstein.