Our Track by Track feature gives artists the opportunity to share the inspiration and stories behind each song on their latest release. Today, Yard Act frontman James Smith takes a deep dive into the songs behind their debut album, The Overload.

    British post-punk band Yard Act have unveiled their debut album The Overload today (January 21st).

    It’s safe to say that Yard Act are observers: The Overload is filled with statements that summarize our modern condition, both in their native England and the rest of the world around it. Led by frontman James Smith and rounded out by bassist Ryan Needham, guitarist Sam Shjipstone, and drummer Jay Russell, Yard Act are among the newest class of conscious rockers coming from across the pond.

    Every sound in The Overload feels deliberate, and the same can be said about Smith’s lyrics, which can range from hilarious to heartfelt in a single bar. There’s a great deal of tension that defines this album; tension between mindlessly obeying the capitalist ruleset that we’re given in order to keep ourselves afloat, or to rail against the ruleset entirely. “That’s what The Overload is, essentially,” says Smith. “It’s everything happening at once, and it’s our tiny feeble minds trying to process and cope with it. Good luck.”