Ever wonder what Andy Warhol would sound like if an AI program was used to recreate his voice? Well, Netflix and Ryan Murphy have answered that question with a docuseries pulling from Warhol’s posthumously published diaries. Check out the trailer below.

Spread out over six one-hour episodes, The Andy Warhol Diaries begins with his childhood in Pittsburgh and traces his larger-than-life journey as a director, publisher, TV producer, and more. With the approval of The Andy Warhol Foundation, “cutting-edge AI techniques” were used to help the eccentric artist posthumously tell his own story from the diaries that he began writing after being shot in 1968.

Among the topics covered in the trailer are the religious themes in Warhol’s work, as well as his sexuality: Namely, what was the extent of his relationship with Jean-Michel Basquiat? In addition to Warhol’s own words, the series features sitdowns with people who knew him best, including John Waters and Rob Lowe.


The Andy Warhol Diaries was written and directed by Andrew Rossi, who also executive produced the series with Murphy. Catch what promises to be a unique peek into the life of one of the most intriguing artists of all time on March 9th.