Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and his 10-year-old drummer son Revel jammed Sepultura’s “Territory” in an Instagram video posted by the metal legend. It would seem the gift for playing thrash runs in the family.

Scott Ian’s caption read: “WAR FOR TERRITORY!!! Garage-jamming this crusher with my hard-hitting man Rev. The whole thing will be up on YouTube soon.”

Numerous metal luminaries, including members of Sepultura, gave their nod of approval in the video comments. For being only 10 years old, Revel can already take on the intense song by the Brazilian thrash greats, wailing away on the kit.

“YEEAAAHHHH!!!!” commented Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser, while the band’s vocalist Derrick Green added fire and metal horns emojis.

Robb Flynn of Machine Head wrote, “So bad ass,” and System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian exclaimed, “”Hell yeahh!!!!!!”

The comments really say it all. The kid can shred.

It’s not the first time that father and son jammed on a Sepultura classic. Last month, they rocked “Roots Bloody Roots.”

Revel’s musical talents don’t end with the drums. In 2019, he joined Foo Fighters onstage to perform “Everlong” on guitar.

Meanwhile, Anthrax celebrated their 40th anniversary last year. The thrash legends rang in the occasion with a career-spanning livestream event and a new batch of signature “Anthrax XL” whiskey.


Watch Scott Ian’s Instagram videos below.