Last year, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey resurrected Wayne and Garth for a Wayne’s World-themed Super Bowl commercial. For this year’s Big Game, Myers has brought back another one of his beloved characters — Dr. Evil.

Myers stars alongside fellow Austin Powers cast members Seth Green, Rob Lowe, and Mindy Sterling in a new commercial for General Motors.

To be honest, the premise is pretty dumb: Dr. Evil has made GM headquarters his new evil lair, and intends to use the company’s “Ultium Platform” to power his whole operation… while reducing carbon emissions. “I will help save the world first, then take over the world,” declares Dr. Evil.

But the commercial is worth watching solely for the fact that it marks the first time Myers, Green, Lowe, and Sterling have shared the screen since 2002’s Austin Powers in Goldmember. Also, the banter between Dr. Evil and Green’s Scott is pretty great.


The 60-second commercial will air during the third quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl, but you can watch it now below.

In 2018, Mike Myers expressed his desire to do another Austin Powers film, but from Dr. Evil’s point of view. Unfortunately, any future film would be without Mini-Me actor Vorne Troye, who passed away four years ago at the age of 49.