We’re back with another edition of our recurring new music feature Origins, giving musicians a platform to share unique insights into their latest release. Today, Battle Ave discuss their new single “Fool.”

    In the seven years since Battle Ave’s sophomore album, frontman Jesse Doherty has gone from a kid with rockstar dreams to a teacher with a kid. He’s gotten married and had a baby, but rather than abandon his musical pursuits, he’s reconciled them with his life’s reality. That’s the driving thesis of much of his band’s new album, I Saw the Egg.

    Pulled from over half a decade of writing, the April 1st release finds the Hudson Valley quintet embracing the uncertainties of growing older. It’s not always easy to accept the life you envisioned isn’t the one you’ve reached, but it’s certainly possible to find beauty in your fate regardless. That’s what happens on Battle Ave’s latest single, “Fool.”


    A lo-fi slow jangle about love, even the track’s Origins reflect the thrust of I Saw the Egg. As Doherty tells Consequence,

    “The bulk of the track was recorded about seven years ago, and it was the original version of a song on our last album called ‘Solar Queen.’ When I started writing this album, I found the old demo — just a ton of MIDI drums and synths — and decided to repurpose it. This song dwells on a theme I tend to avoid – love, unabashed and awkward – but when I was writing the album I was planning a wedding and for a few minutes I wanted to make something that wasn’t so opaque, something that stepped away from the anxiety, insecurity, jealousy, and dread that my songs usually revolve around.”

    Take a listen to “Fool” and check out its music video below, followed by Doherty’s full Origins of the song. I Saw the Egg is available for pre-order now from  Friend Club Records/Totally Real Records.