Chevy Chase is 78-years-old and just as charming (?) as ever. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the notoriously prickly comedian was asked about his many former cast mates on Saturday Night Live and Community who have voiced displeasure at their time together, and he shrugged it off, saying, “I don’t care.”

During the interview, Chase recalled John Belushi’s penchant for giving him the finger in photographs. He also famously got into a fight with Bill Murray in Belushi’s dressing room, and fought with Community creator Dan Harmon about the direction of his character Pierce Hawthorne, dropping the N-word during one heated interaction. Donald Glover has also recalled many racist interactions with Chase, including being told, “People think you’re funnier because you’re Black.”

But Chase is unfazed by this criticism. “I don’t give a crap!” he laughed. “I am who I am. And I like who I am. I don’t care. And it’s part of me, that I don’t care. And I’ve thought about that a lot. And I don’t know what to tell you, man. I just don’t care.”


Elsewhere in the interview, Chase said he left SNL because he “hated it,” and added, “I felt pretty strongly that I was the funniest.” He was also asked about how his heart was holding up after a five-week hospital stay for cardiac issues last spring. “Oh we removed it,” he replied. “Didn’t need it. It’s much better now.” Check out the full interview below.