Circle Jerks are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their sophomore album, Wild in the Streets, with a deluxe reissue. It’s set to drop the same day the band kicks off its upcoming North American tour on February 18th.

The punk legends also shared a star-studded skate video for the title track directed by Atiba Jefferson. Pro skaters such as the iconic Tony Hawk, Eric Coston, Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi, and more hit the pavement to the sound of the 1982 anthem.

“I grew up on ‘Wild In The Streets,’ so to be asked to direct this video was a huge honor,” said Jefferson, a photographer and skater himself. “I wanted to capture and preserve 40 years of history but also celebrate 40 years of punk rock and skateboarding history.”


The deluxe reissue follows Circle Jerks’ 2020 re-release of their seminal debut album Group Sex. The Wild in the Streets reissue included remastered audio by Pete Lyman and three rare April 1982 live recordings of material from the band’s first two albums, captured at the Elite Club in San Francisco.

The reissue also boasts a 20-page, full-color 12-inch booklet assembling historic photographs, club flyers, and an 8,200-word essay by longtime Los Angeles journalist Chris Morris featuring new interview with founding band members Keith Morris, Greg Heston, and Lucky Lehrer.

Circle Jerks have strategically lined up the new reissue with their upcoming tour with 7Seconds and Negative Approach. The lengthy outing kicks off February 18th in San Diego and runs all the way through May 1st in Dallas (broken up by a short break in mid-March). A standalone May 13th gig at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles wraps things up. You can get tickets via Ticketmaster.


Pre-order the Wild in the Streets reissue via Trust Records. You can see the full tracklist for the reissue and watch the video for “Wild in the Streets” below.

Wild in the Streets (Deluxe Edition) Artwork:

Wild in the Streets (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:
01. Wild in the Streets
02. Leave Me Alone
03. Stars and Stripes
04. 86’d (Good as Gone)
05. Meet the Press
06. Trapped
07. Murder the Disturbed
08. Letterbomb
09. Question Authority
10. Defamation Innuendo
11. Moral Majority
12. Forced Labor
13. Political Stu
14. Just Like Me
15. Put a Little Love in Your Heart
16. Letter Bomb (Live ’82)
17. Wild In The Streets (Live ’82)
18. Stars and Stripes (Live ’82)