Craig Robinson is a snake-killing, kimono-wearing, all-American success story in the teaser trailer for Killing It. The new comedy series from Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator Dan Goor and writer/producer Luke Del Tredici arrives on Peacock in April.

The trailer opens with Robinson standing on the balcony of a mansion overlooking the water, his flapping kimono allowing full-body access to the ocean breeze. “I know what you’re thinking: this rich prick,” he says. “But I came from nothing. And the story I’m about to tell you could only happen in the USA.”

Robinson has plenty of experience working with Goor and Del Tredici, having booked several episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine as the Pontiac Bandit. In a statement, the series creators talked about their ambitions for Killing It and why Robinson is the “most likable man in the world.” They wrote,


“We love all the ambitious, challenging, thematically-rich series that populate the current peak-TV landscape. We also love jokes. So, we tried to make a show that could deliver both. We wanted Killing It to explore America’s quasi-religious obsession with entrepreneurship and wealth, and we also wanted it to be funny. Really, really funny. Plus, we wanted it to have big snakes.

“It’s a daunting creative balancing act, but lucky for us, we were writing for Craig Robinson, aka the most likable man in the world. His hilarious, effortlessly charming performance grounds even the wildest comic moments in something deeply human and relatable.”

The trailer moves between past and present, showing Robinson as he works as a security guard and wrestles some truly enormous snakes, as well as his current hobby of regaling his housekeeper with tales of his success. Check out the trailer below.