A brawl broke out in a California bowling alley after DaBaby threw a punch at his ex-girlfriend’s brother. Video posted to social media captured the conflict as it spilled out onto the lanes and the rapper’s crew overwhelmed the man.

Update — 2/11: DaBaby and his associates have been banned from the bowling alley.

TMZ reports that the person at the bottom of the pile is Brandon Bills, brother of the artist DaniLeigh, who had a daughter by DaBaby last July. DaniLeigh and DaBaby have been publicly feuding since at least November, when the rapper began filming DaniLeigh during an argument that ended with the cops being called. Afterwords, the child’s uncle challenged the father to a boxing match, though at the time Bills seemed to want all the fighting to take place in the ring.

It’s unclear why Bills appeared at the bowling alley. Video begins with him apparently arguing with DaBaby, and the rapper throwing a punch that sends him sliding across the bowling lanes. Before he could regain his footing, men who seem to be associated with DaBaby jumped him, punching and kicking him on the ground.


The brawl ended after about 20 seconds, after which DaBaby exited the bowling alley. TMZ reports that Bills stuck around, shirtless and bloody, though he refused medical treatment. Police eventually showed up and are now investigating the incident as an assault with a deadly weapon because Bills was kicked on the ground. Check out footage of the fight below.

Last July, DaBaby lashed out at gay people in a hateful speech at Rolling Loud Miami. After half-hearted apologies and defensive music videos got him dropped from several music festivals, he issued an apology to GLAAD and HIV/AIDS non-profits. But despite signaling that this was the beginning of a longer conversation, he subsequently ghosted those organizations.