It is a truth universally acknowledged that if Dave Grohl moves even one finger, we sure as hell are going to write about it here at Consequence.

Foo Fighters is the second most-written-about artist in the history of this site. Basically, we write about Grohl & Co. almost daily; the difference this time is that we’ve decided to formalize it as an actual week.

Why are we like this, you may ask? Well, the running joke around here is that Grohl and his band keep the lights on, and we say that with the utmost gratitude and respect to that dude and his band. (Thank you for everything, Foos.) He makes headlines for doing good deeds, in addition to the usual rockstar stuff, and thus it is our jobs as humble scribes to give him attention on a regular basis.

But more than that, Foo Fighters are undeniably one of the greatest rock bands of the last three decades. Out of their ten albums, only one hasn’t been a Top 10 charter. They’ve taken home 12 Grammy Awards, including a record four for Best Rock Album. And yet they remain some of the most earnest, modest, and joyful megastars in the game. So, again: Why? Because Foo Fighters are freaking awesome, that’s why.


To coincide with the arrival of the Foos’ supernatural horror-comedy movie Studio 666 (out Friday, February 25th), we’ve planned a week of killer lists, interviews and other good stuff to celebrate these icons. While we technically did not need an excuse to do a themed week around these guys, this is as good a time as any, right?

We’re kicking things off tomorrow with a special edition of our Dissected series, ranking the band’s 10-album discography in painstaking detail. It’s also my giddy pleasure to reveal that we’ll cap off the week with a sitdown with the man himself. (He was not as freaked out by us as we thought.) In between, we’ve cooked up some other lists, essays, and a bonkers roundtable discussion with a few of Foos’ past tourmates.

Keep checking back at this page over the next week so you don’t miss a thing. We hope you love it. And if you don’t, we expect we’ll hear about it in the comments sections. See you there!


— Gab Ginsberg
Managing Editor

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