Fresco Trey has signed to Warner Records, Consequence can exclusively announce today (February 24th). Trey has also shared a new video for his breakout track, “Need You.”

Originally hailing from Memphis, Trey’s emotional vulnerability and knack for melody have set him apart in the post-Post Malone landscape of auto-crooners. Favoring a softer method of exploring his emotions, Trey has carved out a lane for himself, employing nostalgic, guitar-based beats in his music.

After touring with Post Malone on the back of his “By My Side” single, Trey continued to grow well into the seemingly endless pandemic. In late 2021, he released his most critically acclaimed project to date, Heartbreak Diaries. The seven-track EP includes his Lil Tjay collaboration “Feel Good.”

His recent single “Need You” continued his upward trajectory, taking off on TikTok prior to his signing with Warner Records; the song has racked up over 80 million sound views on the platform. The new video doubles down on the unflinching emotion of “Need You,” showcasing both the joys and tribulations that come with such a rise in a spinning, uncut shot.


“‘Need You’ was a song that came straight from the heart,” Trey tells Consequence in a statement. “I’m glad that it resonated with so many people — my biggest goal within music is to be a voice of the people, and I feel like ‘Need You’ was the start of that journey.”

“Fresco Trey is a naturally instinctive songwriter, with an unbelievable sense for melody and lyric, finding the most memorable ways to rap and sing about universally shared experiences,” Aaron Bay-Schuck, co-Chairman and CEO of Warner Records, adds. “He’s shown from early on all the essential qualities we look for in an artist and is most certainly on a path to becoming a global superstar.”

With social media conquered, a superstar cosign, and a new label home, Trey has the potential to further skyrocket in 2022.

“Signing with Warner Records was dope… especially because signing was one of my greater milestones,” Trey says. “It’s super cool being a part of something with a lot of dope creatives such as myself. I’m ready to grind and become one of the big names amongst big names. I’m excited for the future, and ‘Need You’ leading the way makes it all the better! ”


Check out the video for “Need You” below.