Geoffrey Rush is set to play Groucho Marx in an upcoming film adaptation of Steve Stoliar’s memoir Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho’s House, Variety reports.

Written and directed by Oren Moverman, Raised Eyebrows is set between 1973 and 1977 and depicts the final years of Marx’s life through the eyes of Stoliar (Charlie Plummer), a lifelong Marx brothers fan who was hired to be the comedian’s live-in personal secretary and archivist. Sienna Miller costars as Erin Fleming, Marx’s mercurial manager who picked Stoliar for the job.

Stoliar worked on the Raised Eyebrows’ script with Moverman, who previously co-wrote the Brian Wilson biopic Love & Mercy. Moverman is also set to produce the film alongside alongside Cold Iron Pictures CEO Miranda Bailey.

“It’s a pleasure and an honor and a responsibility and probably something else to work with this amazing cast on a story I hope will reintroduce the genius of Groucho Marx in a new, provocative, entertaining way all these years later,” Moverman said in a statement. “Steve Stoliar has given the world incredible insight into a bygone era. Done right, we will screw it up royally.”


Bailey similarly gushed about the project, adding, “After many years diligently working to get Steve’s brilliant, true story adapted for the screen, I’m thrilled that we found the perfect ensemble of actors to portray these rich yet complicated characters that Oren will, no doubt, masterfully bring to life. Even in a world that tells us ‘never meet your idols,’ Steve’s friendship with Groucho Marx, while filled with moments of heartbreaking humanity, proved to be an overwhelmingly positive and life-changing experience for him – an essence we hope to capture for our audience.”

It’s interesting that Raised Eyebrows’ “amazing cast” and “perfect ensemble” includes Rush, who was accused of sexual misconduct by actress Eryn Jean Norvill in 2017 and Orange is the New Black star Yael Stone in 2018. In 2019, however, he was awarded $2 million in a defamation suit he brought against Sydney’s Daily Telegraph newspaper over reports of Norvill’s allegations.