Happy birthday to Harold Edward Styles — the beloved pop star, actor, and all-around modern renaissance man turns 28 today, February 1st.

    It’s the start of a new month and the start of a new year for Styles, and we’re feeling ready to celebrate. There are so many reasons to love Harry, but we did our best to narrow it down to 28 of his best moments to kick off his 28th birthday in Style.

    Check out the list of moments (in no particular order) below.

    01. Singing Landslide with Stevie Nicks

    Harry and Stevie Nicks met back in 2015 after he attended a Fleetwood Mac concert. Nicks has been a vocal supporter of Harry and his rock star status for years — he even re-inducted her into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2019. There are plenty of great moments in their friendship alone, but their joint performance of “Landslide” has to be the best.

    02. Treat People With Kindness Campaign

    It’s not just a catchy song with a video featuring Phoebe Waller-Bridge — it’s also a way for Harry Styles to support local charities. All profits from merch sales through Treat People With Kindness are donated to a number of funds worldwide, including the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund and March For Our Lives.


    03. Donating His Hair

    Frat Boy Harry was a moment for the history books, to be clear, and when that era ended, Harry made sure to go out with an on-brand bang. He could’ve just chopped off those flowing brown locks; instead, he donated his hair to The Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes real hair wigs for children.