Fresh off the October release of her stellar third album Let Me Do One More,  Sarah Tudzin is back with a new illuminati hotties single. Listen to “sandwich sharer” below.

‘sandwich sharer’ was very much written at the precipice of unknowns,” our former Artist of the Month said in a statement. “I was seeking a teammate at a time where I felt swayed by nostalgia for youth as opposed to the reality of the momentum of life. And it feels so good to be close to someone who knows you so well it’s like you finish each others’… sandwiches.”

The song certainly accepts life’s momentum, as slow, serene reverb quickly picks up to a cheerful, boisterous pace. Tudzin’s gentle voice juxtaposes a barrage of guitar and breakneck drums. “You thought I was bleeding, but that’s just my spit,” the artist later snarls, fists up. Like Let Me Do One More before it, “sandwich sharer” jumps from shyness to spunk, but the journey feels cohesive.

Next week, illuminati hotties will head out on a North American tour. Featuring shows alongside Fenne Lilly, Pom Pom Squad, and Katy Kirby, the outing doubles as a who’s-who of rising indie rock. Tickets are on sale now via Ticketmaster.


Back in November, Tudzin lent a hand to June Artist of the Month Pom Pom Squad on the single “Until It Stops.”