The Cable Guy is back! Jim Carrey dusted off his character Ernie “Chip” Douglas from the 1996 film The Cable Guy to star in Verzion’s Super Bowl commercial. Watch it below.

In the ad, the actor announces himself from behind the door of a prospective customer, only to be told she doesn’t need cable thanks to Verizon’s 5G internet service.

“Never heard of it,” an unconvinced Cable Guy responds. Carrey then continues with his character’s famous lisp on full display. “So somehow, your home is corrected to Verizon’s ultra-fast 5G network wirelessly without miles and miles of this,” he shoots back, holding up a length of cable to the camera. “Mmhmm, yeah right.”

While this is bad news for the longevity of the character’s chosen career path, he can’t help but beg to see the fancy new technology for himself. “Whoa,” he exclaims as he hovers over Verizon’s white box. “They must’ve locked you into quite a contract…Hidden fees? I love those.”

Of course, the answer to each question is a big “nope,” leading Carrey to hilarious proclaim, “This may be illegal. I’m gonna need to know who installed this.” Naturally, he remains unsatisfied with the answer that consumers have the option of setting up the plug-and-play device themselves, though he’s forced to concede points to Verizon for their fleet of vans.


Carrey — who was recently featured on The Weeknd’s new album Dawn FM — also shared an extended cut of the ad on his personal Twitter account, writing, “get comfortable Gen Z…this is 90 whole seconds! :^P.” And yes, that’s an old-school emoji punctuating his point.