Larry David is known for his hard and cynical opinions on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and now he’s brought that cranky attitude to crypto in a new Super Bowl commercial for FTX.

In the ad, David leans into his persona as the grumpy contrarian by shooting down revolutionary developments throughout history, from the wheel (“Eh, I don’t think so. This? Is a miss.”) to the toilet (“A toilet? We’re not animals, we go outside like humans!”) and the moon landing (“It’s far! It’s too far! It’s far!”). Dressed in colonial garb, David even tries to put the kibosh on democracy when he realizes the Founding Fathers intend to give everyone the right to vote. “Even the stupid ones?” he asks before throwing himself on top of the Declaration of Independence.

So sure, David’s track record may not be great — he still insists you’ll be constantly looking for batteries for your Walkman — but he’s still incredulous when it comes to FTX as an entry point into the world of crypto. “Eh, I don’t think so,” he says, dismissing the FTX employee on the opposite side of the desk. “And I’m never wrong about this stuff. Never.”

FTX’s message with the ad is simple: “Don’t be like Larry. Don’t miss out on the next big thing.”

The spot was directed by Jeff Shaffer, who worked with David on both Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld. Turns out, he’s just as unconvinced by crypto as David is in the ad. “I’m excited to have someone try to explain it to me at some point,” he joked to The New York Times.


Watch Larry David shoot down crypto in the Super Bowl commercial below.