LCD Soundsystem swung by Studio 8H last night as the musical guest for Saturday Night Live. Watch the band’s performances below.

Opposite host John Mulaney — who joined the illustrious Five Timers’ Club with his fifth hosting gig — the rockers took things all the way back to the mid-2000s with their musical numbers, performing “Thrills” and “Yr City’s a Sucker” from their 2005 debut album LCD Soundsystem.

“I’m on fire/ Because you want me/ Because you want me/ But my desire/ Is going to crush me/ ‘Cause you are wired/ But I’m all chills/ ‘Cause you adore me/ You adore me,” vocalist James Murphy wailed on the former over his bandmates’ buzzing, cacophonous instrumentation.

That’s not all, though. Murphy and co. also took part in “Subway Churro,” arguably the most hilarious skit of the evening. In between spoofs of Little Shop of Horrors’ “Skid Row (Downtown),” The Music Man’s “Wells Fargo Wagon,” and Dreamgirls’ “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” by way of Dear Evan Hansen, the band made a surprise appearance as the Guardian Angels — no, not Emily in Paris, drunk Andrew Dismukes! — to face off against Aidy Bryant’s Jesus lookalike for control of the New York subway system.


The show marked LCD Soundsystem’s second time as musical guest on SNL, following their first appearance back in 2017 with host Chris Pine to promote their fourth, and still most recent, studio set American Dream.

This spring, the band will head to Philadelphia and Boston for a pair of short-term residencies from March 28th-31st and April 3rd-6th. Grab tickets here.