Burgeoning rapper Leikeli47 has announced her next album. Shape Up, her third LP overall, is out April 15th via Hardcover/RCA Records. As a preview, Leikeli47 has shared the album’s first official single, “BITM.”

Shape Up, produced by Harold Lilly, completes Leikeli47’s trilogy. As the LA artist says herself, the album sees her “finally walking into the confidence [she] always pretended to have.” She adds: “I’m happy to say I’m here. It took work, it takes work, and that’s what Shape Up is about.”

“BITM” — an acronym for “Bitch I’m the Man” — is representative of that confidence: “I wear Nikes with my gowns in case hoes need a lesson,” she raps. Broken down, the track doesn’t consist of much more than a thudding bass drum, a simple staccato synth, and 47’s assuredly deadpan flow, but there’s still enough magic to burn up the dance floor, as evidenced by fans’ fiery voguing in the music video. Check out “BITM” below.


Shape Up will also include Leikeli47’s track from January, “Chitty Bang.”

Shape Up Artwork:

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