Lucy Dacus has two herniated discs, but rather than cancel her concert in Detroit last night, she took the news lying down: Dacus performed an entire show from the comfort of an oversized couch.

In a social media statement Thursday evening, Dacus wrote, “sup, I have two herniated discs and the only way I’m not in pain is laying down SO tonight’s show I will be singing from a couch, I am both sorry and also pleased to offer this most humiliating and hilarious moment to you good people of Detroit.”

She added, “I am telling myself I am punk for this please do not say otherwise I’m fragile.” Honestly, we agree — what could be more punk than finding music in your pain?

Besides, she used the couch for some minimalist theatrics. At one point, as the band thundered around her, Dacus actually sat up for a moment, and the crowd roared as loudly as if she had backflipped into the splits.

Dacus recently discussed her injury with opener Indigo De Souza for Consequence’s interview series Two for the Road. Noting that she’s “hoping to get back surgery this year,” Dacus said she was grateful to have a bus for this tour instead of a van. “I basically can’t sit in a car for many hours anymore,” she said. “I feel like an ancient, elderly woman saying that, but yeah, my body can’t handle it anymore.”


Check out images from the Detroit event, as well as a clip of the performance, below.

Dacus has plenty of dates remaining on her North American tour in support of her excellent new album Home Video. While it’s unclear how many appearances the couch will make, you can be sure she’ll do anything and everything to make sure the show goes on. Tickets are available here.

Earlier this month, Dacus unveiled the nostalgic new song “Kissing Lessons.”