In between making TikToks about weird human behavior, living in blissful ignorance of astrology, and Ed Sheeran’s bizarre lyrical choices, Peach PRC is writing magnetic, fascinating, and incredibly catchy pop songs.

    The latest of these is “God Is A Freak,” which finds Peach investigating God’s so-called “omnipotence,” while pointing out how judgmental people in organized religion can be. And not only that, the song is hilarious, heartfelt, and a bit heavy all at once (“God is a bit of freak/ why’s he watching me getting railed on the couch/ staying pure for a wedding?/ He’s got fucked up priorities”).

    Peach has been reckoning with the logic and laws of God for a while in her TikTok videos, and “God Is A Freak” is certainly a dramatic statement of curiosity. But having come out as a lesbian shortly after the song’s release, it’s clear that Peach is reckoning with the idea of being unworthy in God’s eyes, the way queerness is treated like a disease, and the cycle of shame inflicted on generation after generation in the name of the Lord.


    If this sounds like a lot, it’s because it is; but the way Peach packages these heavy ideas into a 2000s pop-rock track, equally funny as it is genuine, shows that she’s got plenty of tact and command over musical output — whether she knows it or not. “A lot of the songs that end up being the songs I release, and the ones that do well, seem to be the ones that I didn’t really put too much thought into,” she tells Consequence of her songwriting process, “And sometimes, they’re funny ones, where they’re just for me to vent about something, and then sometimes, they mean a lot to me. It’s the way that I can express myself.”