Heather Morgan, who has released some of history’s most jaw-droppingly bad rap music under the name Razzlekhan, was arrested on Tuesday alongside her husband Ilya “Dutch” Lichtenstein for stealing $4.5 billion in cryptocurrency.

    According to the federal criminal complaint, accounts linked to Lichtenstein allegedly hacked into a virtual currency exchange in 2016, initiating over 2,000 unauthorized transactions and making off with 119,754 in Bitcoin. Later, Razzlekhan and Lichtenstein purportedly laundered the funds through a series of crypto wallets. At the time of the theft it would have been worth about $71 million, but due to BTC’s soaring valuation, it could net them about $4.5 billion today.

    It’s unclear when the pair began dating, but they got engaged in 2019 and married last year. While Lichtenstein has kept a lower profile, Razzlekhan — a self-described “Genghis Khan, but with more pizzazz,” according to her website —  has used those ill-gotten gains to fund awful rap music accompanied by bonkers music videos, while simultaneously lecturing others about how they themselves could acquire wealth.


    Pitching herself as a self-made tech CEO, Razzlekhan contributed over 55 articles to Forbes, including advising burnt-out CEOs to “try rapping.”  Via The Daily Beast, she also wrote for Inc., writing eyebrow-raising pieces such as ““How I Flew to 13 Countries in First Class Without Buying Tickets.”