With Origins, artists get the chance to share insights on their latest release. Today, R&B singer-songwriter Saleka reveals the inspiration behind “One More Night,” written for the television show Servant on Apple TV+. 

    Salekas music can be described a few different ways — silky smooth, melodically imaginative, and lyrically hypnotic are some phrases that come to mind. That last one is important: There’s something about Saleka’s music that reels the listener in.

    Her latest single, “One More Night,” earns all those same descriptors easily. Written as a companion to the television show Servant on Apple TV+, the track also evokes a certain eeriness and some of the lack of certainty present in the show.


    “The EP of songs written for Servant is a reflection of the character Leanne’s internal journey as she is breaking free from her oppressive past and discovering her power — experiencing love, lust, loss, jealousy, and grappling with womanhood,” Saleka tells Consequence of the song. “‘One More Night’ is the first of three new songs featured in Season 3 of Servant, and there might be even more to come next season,” she hints. “It is an honor to be contributing something small to this absurd and brilliant TV show.”

    Following this EP of songs for the show, Saleka is gearing up to release new music later this year.

    Hear “One More Night” and check out Saleka’s full Origins of the track below.