Skrillex was photographed backstage with Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson after attending one of his talks in Miami Beach on Thursday evening.

“Good to see you yesterday @Skrillex,” tweeted Peterson on Friday. He later shared a photo of the two together with the caption, “Guess who.”

Peterson’s well-articulated views on feminism, gender identity, and white privilege have turned him into a contentious personality favored by the far right and opposed by the left. Among other things, Peterson has expressed a refusal to acknowledge gender-neutral pronouns, has referred to white privilege as a “Marxist lie,” and argued for “enforced monogamy” to reduce male violence. He’s often spoken against the idea of “social justice warriors,” has scoffed at the notion of “Islamophobia,” and once stated, “I don’t think women were discriminated against, I think that’s an appalling argument.” He also doubts the scientific consensus on climate change.

More recently, Peterson has likened Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates as an imitation of “a totalitarian state,” and is an active supporter of the ongoing trucker convoy protestors in Ottawa.

Skrillex isn’t the only musician who’s been photographed with Peterson. In 2018, Mumford and Sons welcomed him to their studio in London. While frontman Marcus Mumford argued that taking a picture with someone doesn’t indicate an alignment of beliefs, banjoist Winston Marshall later left the band and became a conservative columnist.