Snoop Dogg has a new song that’s pretty, pretttyyy, pretttaaayyy good: “Crip Ya Enthusiasm” samples the theme song from Curb Your Enthusiasmturning the neurotic’s anthem into a smokin’-in-the-Bentley bop. The track appears on BODR (Bacc on Death Row), Mr. Dogg’s first album since he acquired Death Row Records, which you can stream below via Apple Music or Spotify.

    “Crip Ya Enthusiasm” opens with words that could appear on practically any Snoop song from the last 30 years: “Another episode of a Doggy Dogg tale, you know me well,” he chants, “You know I’m coming by the smell/ I’m here when you see the weed smoke in the air/ Party people, wave your hands like you just don’t care.” After that, it comes as a shock to hear the sudden trills of Luciano Michelini’s “Frolic,” which has served as the theme to Curb Your Enthusiasm for two decades. Snoop transforms the classic soundtrack for putting your foot in your mouth into an ode to blowing smoke out the window.

    Sonically, it sounds like nothing else on BODR, which is the one thing that all of the tracks on this album have in common. Instead, it’s a victory lap — a chance for Snoop to brag about how much one of his NFTs is worth (“House I Built”), crack jokes about Allstate (“Snoopy Don’t Go”), and relish in owning the record label that launched his career.