Did anyone really think Snoop Dogg wouldn’t find a way to smoke weed during his appearance at the Super Bowl for the halftime show? While one of America’s most famous stoners didn’t light up during the actual performance itself, production cameras caught him taking a puff from a joint right before going on stage.

It’s probably not a coincidence that Snoop helped Dr. Dre kick off the show by performing their collaboration “The Next Episode,” which closes with the line “Smoke weed every day.” Footage of Snoop’s warm-up was posted to Twitter by Rafa El Alcalde, a play-by-play announcer for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Watch the clip below.

Snoop was a heavy contributor to easily one of the best halftime shows in Super Bowl history, performing with his mentor Dr. Dre alongside Mary J. Blige, Eminem, 50 Cent, and Anderson .Paak. During the 15-minute set, he also took part in renditions of “California Love” and “Still D.R.E.”


In the lead-up to the performance, a report surfaced about the NFL’s restrictions for the halftime show. Not only did the league nix Eminem’s plans to kneel in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, but they rejected an outfit Snoop was set to wear due to possible gang ties and flagged a lyric from “Still D.R.E.” in which Dre raps, “Still not loving police.”

Not to be deterred, Eminem still took a knee, the “still not loving police” line was kept in, and Snoop’s all-blue outfit still made a subtle nod to his affiliation with the Crips.