In a tweet that Rivers Cuomo said was “not confirmed with any record company or manager,” the frontman of Weezer announced the release dates for four upcoming albums. The SZNS cycle will debut with Spring on March 20th and continue with Summer on June 20th, Fall on September 22nd, and Winter on December 21st.

Cuomo added that the dates were chosen because they are “the first days of the seasons.” He first teased a seasonal four-album concept almost exactly a year ago, while hinting that Winter would be inspired by Elliot Smith. A few days later, guitarist Brian Bell told Consequence and Kyle Meredith With… that another record would be a “Weezer-inspired Weezer album.”

Bell explained, “We sometimes refer to ‘Island in the Sun’ as a sound, as a thing. And one of my favorite quotes from [drummer] Pat [Wilson] was like — when Rivers got all into co-writing and stuff, I don’t know when that was, Raditude period or whatever — Pat goes, ‘I want him to co-write with the guy that wrote ‘Say It Ain’t So.”” Considering the reference point is ‘Island in the Sun,’ that vibe might be expected on Spring or Summer. Check out Cuomo’s announcement below.


While four albums in one year sure sounds like a lot, Weezer are no stranger to prolific songwriting. Just last year, the group dropped two records, OK Human and Van Weezer. Cuomo has also been busy working on Weezify, the Weezer fans’ answer to Spotify.

Later this year Weezer will be headlining BeachLife Festival and Boston Calling. Tickets are available here.